TinMan KZN DU Champs
Sun 21 May 2023 @ Durban, KwaZulu-Natal

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- This event also now includes the 2023 KZN DUATHLON CHAMPIONSHIPS 

The TinMan Series is perfect for those who like to keep moving and it’s the oldest the biggest family Tri-Series in South Africa. The series was started in 1999 and has become very popular nationally and a household name to many athletes. 

The TinMan series is a fun, family orientated series that includes multiple events during a calendar year, all of them taking place at the same venue, utilising full road closure and flat running routes. The Tinman Series is a popular family orientated series that includes 3 Triathlon events on the day as well as a 10km running race and a duathlon. 

Come join us for this ultimate family multisport event in 2023, enter the first one and watch how your fitness and racing improves during the year!  


  • 10km Run (12yrs up) 
  • NEW SWIM/RUN (600m swim / 3.5km Run to Suncoast) – Starts at the same time as the SPRINT TRI. 
  • Mini Tri (200m Swim / 3.5km Run / 7km Cycle / 200mm Run) 8yrs and up. (Anyone above 8yrs old can enter this event) 
  • Mini Duathlon (2.5km Run / 10km Cycle / 1.25km Run) 
  • Sprint Tri (600m Swim / 3.5km Run / 22km Cycle (4 laps) / 1.5km Run) 15yrs up. 
  • Sprint Duathlon: (5km Run / 20km Cycle / 2.5km Run) 
  • Sprint RELAY TEAM (600m Swim / 3.5km Run / 22km Cycle / 1.5km Run) 15yrs up. 
  • Challenge Tri (1.2km Swim / 3.5km Run / 32km Cycle (6 laps) / 6.5km Run) 16yrs up. 
  • Challenge RELAY TEAM(1.2km Swim / 3.5km Run / 32km Cycle (6 laps) / 6.5km Run) 16yrs up. 
  • Challenge Duathlon (10km Run / 32km Cycle (6 laps) / 5km Run) 17yrs up. 

Registration Venue: Suncoast, Grass Sundeck, Durban

Registration Times:  6am to 7:30am


  • 7am: 10km Run & Challenge Triathlon & Challenge Duathlon 
  • 7:15am: Sprint Duathlon
  • 7:40am: Sprint Triathlon & SWIM/RUN
  • 8am: Mini Triathlon & Duathlon

2023 Entry Fees (We have kept Entry fees the same as 2022 for you ?): 

  • 10km Run: R140.00 
  • Mini Tri: R230.00 
  • Mini Dua: R230.00
  • NEW Swim/Run: R290.00  
  • Sprint Tri: R430.00
  • Sprint Duathlon: R430.00
  • Sprint Relay Team of 2: R230.00 (pp.)  / of 3: R160.00 (p.p.)
  • Challenge Tri: R500.00
  • Challenge Relay Team of 2 R260.00 (pp.)  / of 3: R175.00 (p.p.)
  • Challenge Duathlon: R470.00

Also included is a Finishers medal and an ice cold aQuelle as well as lucky draw prizes and Winners prizes. 

CYCLING will be on the road

RUNNING will be on the pavement

Road Bikes and MTB Bikes only allowed. (Draft legal event) No TRI BIKES Allowed. 


Very Important information:

  • FINAL Race Instructions will be emailed on the Friday morning before each event. 
  • This event is DRAFT LEGAL. NO tri Bikes.
  • Team entries are allowed
  • All competitors will receive and ice-cold aQuellé at the finish line and a finishers keyring or medal at the finish. 
  • Due to the ever-growing pollution of our planet, our race numbers are recycled and reused. Please remember to hand them in at the finish line to receive your medal. 

More information: www.bactive.com/events/

Team information
This event supports team entries for certain classes. Team sizes range from 2 - 3 participants per team.

Classes and pricing
Available classes for the event

Class Distance Start Time Price (pp) 2 person team (pp) 3 person team (pp)
Mini Tri Swim / 5km Cycle / 2.5km Run 06:50 R 240.00 - -
Mini Duathlon
Mini Duathlon (Run & Cycle only)
2.5 km run / 10km cycle / 1.25km run 07:00 R 230.00 - -
Sprint Duathlon
Sprint Duathlon (Run & Cycle only)
5 km Run / 20km Cycle / 2.5km Run 07:15 R 430.00 - -
Sprint Tri Swim / 20km Cycle / 5km Run 07:30 R 440.00 - -
Sprint Team Swim / 20km Cycle / 5km Run 07:30 - R 230.00 R 160.00
Challenge Duathlon
Challenge Duathlon
10 km Run / 32km Cycle / 5km Run 07:30 R 470.00 - -
Swim / Run
Swim and Run Only
km Swim & 3.5km Run 07:40 R 290.00 - -
10km Running 10 km 08:00 R 140.00 - -
Challenge Tri Swim / 32km Cycle / 10km Run 08:20 R 500.00 - -
Challenge Team Swim / 32km Cycle / 10km Run 08:35 - R 260.00 R 175.00

Event location
Suncoast Casino, Durban

Coordinates -29.8353935, 31.0346147
Address Suncoast Casino, Hotels and Entertainment, O R Tambo Parade, Stamford Hill, Durban, South Africa
City Durban
Province KwaZulu-Natal

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